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Open Standard/Proprietary Proprietary
Analog/Digital Digital
Conventional/Trunked Trunked
Typical frequency band 700/800/AMPS Band
Channel bandwidth 25 kHz


What is OpenSky


OpenSky is a wireless communication system, developed by a team of M/A-COM Inc., now a division of Tyco International's Electronics unit. OpenSky received the direct attention of Tyco when they acquired it along with Amp Corporation. The technology was originally developed for Federal Express in mid 1990s for its urban operations. The technology was developed to meet the requirement of higher message data speed compared to its previous system. It was initially designed as a wireless data system but the system can support both voice and data services. OpenSky technology applies voice-over-IP transport to radio communications applications in a unique architecture.


Spectrum Utilization


OpenSky utilizes TDMA with 4 (four) time slots to support both voice and data. The four time slots can be used for both voice and data simultaneously or can be aggregated to support 19.2 kbps throughput on a 25 KHz channel.


Frequency Band


Frequency bands for OpenSky products that are typically found in the market today:

  • 700/800 Band

  • AMPS Band

Network Architecture


Click here to learn OpenSky architecture


Deployment of OpenSky


Most of OpenSky deployments are in the United States. There are only few installation outside the US.


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