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Understanding Two-Way Radio Technology



TETRA, APCO, iDEN, Tetrapol, OpenSky, EDACS, MPT 1327, LTR, SmartNet, Trunked, Conventional, Digital Radio, TDMA, FDMA, VHF, UHF, data over radio, multi slot packet data, etc, etc. What they are all about?


If you are new to the two-way radio world, you may be confused with these terms. You have come to the right place to learn two-way radio technology the easiest way.



This informational site provides a short and concise explanation about two way radio technology in a neutral and un-bias way



Why We Set-Up This Site


With many radio technology and solutions being offered in the market today, choosing the right technology that can meet user requirements can be a challenging task. The first step is to understand the radio technology itself. Understand what options are available, what it can do and what it can not do, etc. Unfortunately, finding the facts and un-bias information can also be challenging with many information flying around which can be bias toward one solution.


This informational site provides a short and concise explanation about two way radio technology in a neutral and un-bias way, providing the reader with the latest and up-to-date information about this technology. This is a one stop web site that provides complete overview of current two way radio technology.



Target audience:

  • Middle and upper managers who are responsible for managing radio communications at their organizations but have little or no technical background on the radio technology

  • Any person who wanted to learn and understand about two-way radio technology and keep abreast on the latest development of the technology

  • Team member (technical or commercial team) who involves in any radio communication projects. There are sections that talk the technology in more details


More to come


Information in this site will be updated and enhanced regularly. Please keep visiting this site for latest update. Enhancements are being planned to provide comprehensive information on how to Successfully Planning and Managing Radio Communication Projects and Designing a Radio Network which will be useful for anyone involve in a radio project.



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Let’s get started. If you are just start to learn, we suggested to follow the following sequence but feel free to jump from one topic to another:



Find out what is two-way radio, why this technology is preferred technology for instant and group communication, why other wireless technology can not replace two-way radio and who are the typical users of two-way radio


 The Basics

Learn the basics first: Conventional, Trunked, Analog, Digital, TDMA, FDMA, Open Standard and Proprietary System


 The Technology

More details on Two-Way Radio technology

Digital: APCO25, EDACS, iDEN, OpenSky, TETRA, Tetrapol

Analog: APCO-16, LTR, MPT 1327

Most Installed Digital Radio Technology



The Components

Learn each components or sub-system that make up a typical radio system


The Terminology

List terms commonly used in two-way radio system


Advanced Topics

Database repository on various “hot” topics in two-way radio.

Find out about the use of Private vs. Public network, VPN, the use of satellite link to connect base station, encryption, inter-system interface in open standard, data over radio system, shared radio network, two-way radio future, etc


Managing Two-Way Radio Project

How to successfully plan and managing a two-way radio project, what things need to be considered, how to select the right technology, how to select the right supplier


Designing Radio Network

How to design a radio network from single site, local area to multi sites, wide area system, tips and tricks, etc





Future Enhancement


Products Review

Review of  radio terminals from various manufacturers:

   APCO Terminals

   TETRA Terminals

   Other Digital Radios

   Analog Radio



Featured Articles

Articles about latest development of two-way radio from expert and industry players



End User Forum

End user community to share their experience in using two-way radio:

APCO End User Forum

TETRA End User Forum

Analog Radio End User Forum



Project Templates

Samples of document templates for Two-Way Radio projects:

Samples of Technical Specs

Samples of Evaluation Criteria

Samples of RFP




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